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This is the social media hub for CSUF's department of History.  This page aggregates all of the social media content of the department's accounts.

We can be found at:

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#DH fall colloquium schedule is up!


Excited to have students & faculty here for our first #DH colloquium series event featuring VoiceThread #onecoolthing #pedagogy


Next Tuesday, come see #historyinaction & #pedagogy at the first 2017 #DH workshop!


This #throwbackthursday check out this unique, unedited fragment of a life of an 8th century Coptic saint from Dr. Mikhail’s research!


In some of our history classes, we explore the past through historical games! #rttp #reactingtothepast #onecoolthing #pedagogy




Today in #historyinaction - a talk at Cal State Bakersfield!


Before we mapped digitally, our history lab housed analog maps. We’re honored to be part of Sy Scheinberg’s legacy!


Today's #throwbackthursday archival doc is an image from 19th c. Mexico depicting dogs' role in testing bulletproof vests. #animalstudies


Mock Inquisition!

Mark your calendars! A mock Inquisitional Trial, featuring many villains who have besmirched New Spain with their blasphemies and wrongdoing, and presided over by learned scholars of the most holy Church, shall take place in the Quad on Dec. 6 at 11:30 am.

Historians of the colonial era of New Spain have frequently relied upon the Inquisition and its fantastic records to analyze and deconstruct social and cultural meanings for the past. They simply cannot pass on a unique set of records with detailed testimonies that connect gender, religion, race, witchcraft, slavery, etc. etc. These cases present us a vision of the colonial world, albeit one that at times reifies Church power and makes colonial subjects appear uniformly crazy, criminal, and unholy.